Friday, September 26, 2014

Bamboo blind (SUDARE 簾 and MISU 御簾)

SUDARE(簾) is a shade made from bamboo or reed.
It is used for window shade or to partition a room.

Since there is a Waka(和歌) poem which express SUDARE was moved by Autumn wind, SUDARE have already existed in Nara-era (奈良時代 710-794).
A SUDARE which has green piping on the edge named MISU(御簾). It was used as a partition in rooms of court aristocracies and feudal lords in old time. The function was to separate a space between royal parsonage and general public.

* Saieishi  Chobun (鳥文斎栄之)

* Kunisada Utagawa (歌川国貞)

SUDARE is still used today.
It used as a window screen to block sunlight while keeping air ventilation.

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