Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stone garden (KARE SAN SUI 枯山水)

Kare-san-sui is one of style of Japanese stone garden, there is no water in the garden.
Water scape is expressed by sand or stones instead of real water.

*Ryoan-ji (龍安寺)


Stone garden was developed at Zen(禅) temple in Muromachi era (室町時代1338-1573).
Zen temple preferred abstract garden, the garden was used for teaching how to reach enlightenment.
Basically, Zen monk practice in deep mountain and dark valley. But people practice Zen were more and more increase in Muromachi era, some Zen denominations emerged.
Those denominations needed efficient strategy to let many people reach enlightenment or at least feel a part of enlightenment. So, They made Stone garden (枯山水KARE-SAN-SUI) as miniature of deep nature.

*Ginkaku-ji (銀閣寺)

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