Friday, August 29, 2014

Flat design

Sometimes People say Japanese design has two dimensional format, in other words "flat" design.  
Let's try to explain what is the "flat" design by Ukiyo-e. 

The following pictures are Japanese Ukiyo-e (*1) and Italian fresco (*2) painting. 
We can see difference between these pictures.
The fresco painting has vanishing point and drawn materials are going to smaller and smaller. 
On the other hand, Materials are overlapped one another in Ukiyo-e, like a tree group is overlapped other tree group, people are overlapping with the tree group and, the last, rain is overlapping every materials. 



We can see The "flat" design in Japanese architectural design and landscape design.
Entsu-ji, kyoto(*3) was made in 1678, Edo era. The temple's garden was designd by the flat design. The design strategy is called borrowed landscape (Shakkei 借景). The garden is consisted by front moss garden, a hedge and trees in the middle and mountain, also, we can feel even if columns as a part of the garden.    


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