Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stepped bracket complex (TOKYO 斗栱)

Sometimes we find beautiful wooden structure at between roof and wall, the joint parts of Japanese shrine or temple.
It is called TOKYO (*1).


You can see it at Todai temple which made in 8th century.
 There was primary forest in Japan at that era, so, ancient Japanese people could use huge trees for the temple. Todai temple is simple and strong. (*2)

 *2 Todai temple

After 800 years, in Edo era, The primary forest was decreased because of growth of population.
Nikko Toshogu shrine made in 1617, has much more complex structure.(*3) 
That was caused by decrease in supply of wood. People in that era invented a detail which can use wood more efficient, the way of thinking was reflected to architectural design.

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